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Elder Mediation


Mediator Joe Hewitt has maturity and life experiences to understand conflicts involving elders.

When you have Joe Hewitt as a mediator, you have one whose heart is in conflict resolution and reconciliation backed by extensive training and years of success.

The Need for Elder Mediation:

At a time in their lives when tranquility should be the rule, elders and their families are often embroiled in conflict. Like an infection untreated, conflict may grow until it leaves permanent scars. Mediation is a way to treat conflicts that attacks the infection rather than the patient.
Hewitt Mediations are experienced in mediating court cases, bringing parties together in a lawsuit and achieving settlement, thereby saving them time, money, and heartache.
Before he became a court-appointed mediator, Joe B. Hewitt served as a pastor of churches in the Dallas area for 39 years. “I mediated for years before I knew what to call it,” he said. His experience in family counseling and marriage counseling made him a natural as a professional mediator. He also did marriage enrichment and parenting seminars.

Pre-litigation mediation can save money and heartache. You don't have to sue someone to solve a conflict. Get the parties to a table with a professional mediator who will help reach an agreement and avoid going to court. If you file suit, after a trial date has been set, most likely the Judge will order you to mediation. Hopefully then you can reach an agreement and avoid going to trial. Pre-litigation mediation eliminates most of the hassle.
















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