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Divorce Mediation

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Thirty-four per cent of divorces in Dallas County and 66 per cent in Tarrant County are pro se, or done without a lawyer. It is advisable for anyone seeking a divorce to have legal counsel, however, it is not required.

Necessary forms are available on line, and instructions are available from the courts for those who want to go it alone.

Usually, when a couple agrees to go through the divorce process without a lawyer, they still need someone to help them iron out such things as:

Property Settlement; Division of Indebtedness; Child Custody; Child Support; Visitation Rights; Division of Future Income from Retirement, Annuities, etc.

A professional mediator is best qualified to help you work out the settlement agreement.

Joe B. well understands the heartaches that come from divorce. Joe has had 39 years of experience in marriage and family counseling.

We can advise you where to find the necessary forms from the courts and on the Internet and a list of rules to follow from the court.

We can also furnish you with names of attorneys who will finalize your divorce with the court if you prefer not to do it yourself.

An amicable divorce is the next best thing to no divorce at all.

Especially if children are involved, parents should make their settlement as peaceful as possible. Until those children are grown, the parents will necessarily be in contact with each other.

Children need both their parents, even though they may be separated.

The worst thing parents can do to their children is to use them as weapons against the other parent. Even if your Ex is a certified jerk, you shouldn't tell it to the kids.

If divorce is unavoidable, do your kids a favor and forget about revenge or getting even. Sit down together with a mediator and make the parting as peaceful as possible.








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