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Murder on the Sky Ride, 6X9, 328 Pages, ISBN 978 098 4989 706
Library of Congress Number 2012923147

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Mystery cover

Mystery of the Vanished Gold Library of Congress Number 2013914131

The ISBN 9781491063705; 6X9 Paperback, 300 pages.

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MLMeMy Love, My Enemy, by Joe B. Hewitt, Historical Fiction, 75,000 Words
6X9 Paperback 300 pages, or E-book, ISBN 978-1494326029; LCCN 2014902417.

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An anomaly for her time, Cassandra although a Virginian, hates slavery and is an avowed abolitionist, an unpopular view in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1858. Fairfax and Cassandra become intimate at an early age.  They marry after Fairfax’s graduation from West Point. She longs for a child.
When the Civil War breaks out, Fairfax resigns his US Army commission and joins the Confederacy. He is ordered on detached duty as a Confederate spy. He assumes the identity of a Union officer named William Wiley and establishes himself in the War Department in Washington. William Wiley looks exactly like Fairfax.
Cassandra volunteers to spy for the Union. She takes advantage of her position as the wife of a Confederate Army major to attend social functions and gather intelligence.
Fairfax and Cassandra are totally in love, and long for each other, but are separated ideologically and geographically, and unaware of the other's wartime activities.
Both go through narrow escapes in action scenes. Both are totally convinced of the rightness of their cause, and use the same slogan, "Our cause is just. Continue we must."
Fairfax gets caught, escapes Washington, and twice more gets into traps, which he escapes by assuming the identity of William Wiley, Captain, US Army. Eventually he is found out and sent to the notorious Camp Douglas in Chicago where one out of four Confederate prisoners died.
After the War Between the States ends the war between Fairfax and Cassandra begins as they learn one another’s secrets.