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Attorney: Legal counsel, licensed by the state, who represents the Plaintiff or Defendant.

        Caucus: A private meeting of any two or more people involved in a mediation.

        Cause: Another name for a court case, a cause of action. A cause is “styled” with the name of the Plaintiff and Defendant: Somebody vs Somebody-else.

Defendant: The person against whom the suit is brought.

        Et al: Short for “and others.”

Initiator: Person who brings a complaint against another outside a court of law that calls for mediation. The Initiator is equivalent to the Plaintiff.

Judge: The final decider.

Lawyer: Another name for an attorney.

        Litigation: Action in court regarding a lawsuit. A lawyer who practices law in a courtroom is called a litigator.

        Party: A Plaintiff, Initiator, Defendant, or Respondent. They are all parties to the conflict. A corporation or other entity can initiate a lawsuit or action that requires mediation. In that case the corporation is a party.

Plaintiff: The person who brings a lawsuit against someone else.

Pro se: The Plaintiff or Defendant in a lawsuit who represents himself without the aid of an attorney.

Respondent: Person against whom the complaint is made. He/she is equivalent of a Defendant.


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