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Mediation Preparation


How to Prepare for Mediation


A Practical Guide for Anyone Going to Mediation


"Joe Hewitt's book, Mediation Preparation, should be helpful to anyone going to mediation. It contains the basics for the layperson, negotiating tools for the lawyers, strategy for mediators, and guidance for clients to cooperate with their attorneys." Hon. Dale B. Tillery, Judge, 134th District Court, Dallas, Texas.



Do you have time to spell out everything about mediation to your client? Mediation Preparation does it for you, including legal terminology, a walk-through of actual mediation sessions, what to expect, and how to cooperate with your lawyer.


Long before Joe B. Hewitt was a mediator, he was a courthouse reporter. He is the author of six other books, and is used to writing in terms that lay people can understand.



Every mediator can learn something from every other experienced mediator. Joe B. Hewitt has learned from some of the best and passes on tools that help. The new guide walks you through actual mediations, and includes many of the surprises mediators often encounter.


Some of the topics: Typical Sequence of Events, The Finesse, Mediator's Proposal, Caution. Follow the Money, Be Alert for the Unexpected, Don't Let a Master Lawyer Intimidate You, Develop Negotiating Skills, Some Unusual Cases, Prepare to be lied to.



Joe's new publication, Mediation Preparation helps all parties get ready for mediation. It explains basic terminology and procedures for the layperson going into mediation for the first time.


The new guide walks you through actual mediations, from relatively simple credit card cases to multi-party, complicated cases.


This guide does not contain legal advice, but does give practical help to an individual who has no lawyer and is on his own in mediation. It also helps the person who is represented by legal counsel to give his lawyer the most help to reach a favorable settlement.


Mediation involves negotiation. This publication has tips on honing your negotiation skills.


Some of the topics: Typical Sequence of Events, The Finesse, Mediator's Proposal, Caution. Follow the Money, Be Alert for the Unexpected, Don't Let a Master Lawyer Intimidate You,

Some Unusual Cases, Prepare to be lied to.


Mediation Preparation 6x9, 100 pages

By Joe B. Hewitt

Copyright 2015, Joe B. Hewitt

ISBN- 13: 978-1514863763

ISBN-10: 1514863766

E-book ISBN- 13: 9781311037055

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A Pastor’s Adventures,

the Good, the Bad, and the Sad.


Pastor Joe B. Hewitt's adventures include his call to ministry, seminary humor, the pulpit, the baptistery, the Texas congregations, and missions to Mexico, England, Russia, and Brazil. Hewitt could find humor most places and from most people. He also records events that touch the heart and others that show some people to have evil ingenuity stranger than fiction.

Nonfiction, autobiography/memoir, Copyright 2014, Joe B. Hewitt, 6x9, 228 Pages, paperback or e-book. ISBN-13: 973-1499277098. $14.95, free shipping. PayPal or credit card.




I Was Raised a Jehovah’s Witness, 4th Edition, Revised and Updated. The 1st and 2nd Editions sold 45,000 copies not counting a Chinese language translation. The book had been out of print for several years but continued to sell on Amazon’s Kindle List, so I decided to update it and produce another paperback. This is a combination biography and a look at what it’s like to grow up in a family that is dominated by a cult. Details $14.95 Free Shipping. ISBN-13:978-1492909156, . CONTACT Phone, 972-913-4139; Fax, 972-373-4408. PayPal or credit card.




Rescuing Slaves of the Watchtower,


ISBN 978-1-61315-0061 ; 260 Pages. 6X9 inches.


$14.95 Free Shipping. Pay with credit card or PayPal.


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TRIVIA for ADULTS, 620 original questions with expanded answers. Play the game or just test your own knowledge. 6X9 paperback, 158 pages. $9.99, free shipping.


This book is different from most trivia books because they are all original questions and answers; none were copied out of other books.


Expanded Answers. Rather than a bare-bones answer, Trivia for Adults has expanded answers to more fully explain.


Question No. 36. What US president instituted the “Trail of Tears” displacement of American Indians?


Answer No. 36. Andrew Jackson instituted the “Trail of Tears” displacement of American Indians from their homelands in the East to Oklahoma. His Indian Removal Act of 1831 was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court but Jackson did it anyway.




Rescatando a los Prisioneros de los Atalaya, ISBN 978-1-48129-686-1


$14.95, Free Shipping


Una gran mayoría de las familias en los EE.UU., Canadá, y Méjico tienen un miembro de su familia, un amigo o un colega del trabajo bajo el control de la Sociedad Watchtower. Los Testigos de Jehová están buscando convertir especialmente al hispano parlante.


Este libro demuestra


Como rescatarlos y como reestablecer al Testigo de Jehová a la sociedad normal.

Como proteger y evitar que  sus niños  sean engañados por esta secta, y

Como librar y reestablecer a los Testigos de Jehová que están llenos de culpa y sin esperanza a una sociedad y vida normal.




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